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Izabella Agárdi: Illés, Klára. 2020. Megtartó erő. Egy parasztcsalád vége (‘Sustaining Force: The End of a Peasant Family’). Budapest: Magvető. 379 pp.

The review was written by Izabella Agárdi, iASK permanent research fellow, and was released in Hungarian Cultural Studies in 2022.

The volume compiled and partly written by Klára Illés is a memory-monument erected for two ordinary people, the author’s parents, and their life’s work. Positioned as a hybrid, experimental collection of survivor memories and intergenerational memory-narratives (…), Megtartó erő is an attempt at reconstructing a once-was world of rural peasantry and a historically burdened mixed-ethnic family ethos.

The article is available with full text HERE.