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Izabella Agárdi: Governance as a Strange Elephant (Visegrad Europe, 2020/4)

“This volume honours the work of the eminent thinker and former MEP, George Schöpflin, who has spent much of his life writing about the correlations of nationalism, identity, rationality and myths in the formation of cultural and political communities, Eastern and Western European democracies and political cultures. (…) Historians, political scientists, philosophers, economists, sociologists, and natural scientists, under the auspices of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg, joined together not to simply honour Schöpflin’s achievements but to contemplate further many of his ideas. ”


Izabella Agárdi‘s review titled Governance as a Strange Elephant: Past Legacies, Current Complexities and Future Challenges was released in Visegrad Europe 2020/4, p. 95-100. The full texted article is available HERE.