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iASK Proposal Part of the Interreg Europe „Good Practice Database”

iASK’s good practice Regional extension of city Veszprém’s successful proposal for European Capital of Culture 2023 was published in the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform Good Practice Database.

Policymakers around Europe are now able to contact our Institute through the Policy Learning Platform for further exchange of experiences.

One of the Platform experts offered this opinion on iASK’s good practice proposal:

„This is an excellent and innovative approach in valorizing the urban-regional cultural links and relations and exploiting them concretely for the European Capital of Culture award. The practice could be interesting not only to cities/regions who have the intention to apply for the ECoC but also those who would like to valorize this common urban-rural-regional cultural heritage for a more innovative and alternative sustainable tourism offer. It is also worth exploring the methodological tool mentioned in good practice. Benefits could also come from the very process of implementing the methodology.”

Visit the database to see the iASK good practice: