Research & Studies

iASK Open House

Introduction: Miszlivetz Ferenc, iASK

Comments: Dale Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Hungary Zrt.

Hosts: Alíz Markovits and Laura Takács, iASK

Architectural workshop. Architects will present buildings that have been renovated and those subject to future renovation. A walk departing from the entrance of the Jurisics Castle.

Hosts: Dezső Ekler, Zoltán Deák, Róbert Gutowski



  • Zwinger Old Tower

17:00 Opening of the exhibiton “Outlines of the Future from Kőszeg’s Perspective”

by Ferenc Miszlivetz


  • Festetics Palace – Heritage – Be a part of Kőszeg’s history!

Host: Mónika Mátay, iASK


The Human Adventure – Remember the future: a walk with Elemér Hankiss

Hosts: Péter Bokányi, iASK

Márton Vecsei, iASK


  • Szemző House – KnowledgeOpen day at the University of Pannonia Kőszeg Campus.

Host: Dániel Zoltán, director of the Campus


  • Sgraffito House

Hosts: Katalin Bognárné Lovász, iASK

Henrietta Dóka, iASK


  • Europe House

Host: Ferenc Miszlivetz, iASK

  • Synagogue

Host: Edit Balázs, Jewish Theological Seminary – University of Jewish Studies

  • Benedictine Monastery

Host: Olga Szalai, head of the Pannonhalma Abbey’s Infrastructural Investments