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Global Challenges – European Answers

Global Challenges – European Answers

The Rise of Glocality in Europe

Jody Jensen, Ferenc Miszlivetz (eds.)

This volume is a result of a series of intensive debates during seminars, workshops and international conferences held during the crisis ridden years of 2010- 2013. These academic events were organized by ISES, a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and predominantly held in Kőszeg and Budapest.

As reflected in the volume, their character was highly multi- and interdisciplinary.

The editors are strongly convinced that the interwoven, multilayered and manifold global crises that have in many ways seriously determined the crisis of the EU, cannot be understood and sufficiently analyzed in a conventional, ‘disciplinary’ way. Consequently, no valid solutions and alternatives can be found if we remain within structurally separated disciplines. The multidimensional and rather complex approach of political scientists, experts of international relations and European Studies, sociologists, economists, representatives of development studies, historians and philosophers provides fresh, new and complex insights as well as practical policy proposals for policy makers and politicians on both national and EU levels.