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Future Cooperation between the Chinese Zheijang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages and iASK

On December 6th in Kőszeg, negotiations were held about future cooperation between the Chinese delegation from Zheijang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages and iASK.

Members of the Chinese delegation were Prof. Shengijiang Shan (Vice-rector of the University), Prof. Wei Xiaolin (Vice-dean of the University) Susan Niu (Head of the International Relation and Communication Department), Amit Sharma (Deputy of the International Business and Education Department) and Jingping Li, (Director of the University Library).

Ferenc Miszlivetz, Jody Jensen, Anikó Magasházi, Izabella Agárdi, András Nagy and Péter Balogh welcomed the Chinese delegation on behalf of iASK.

Discussions were held about the possibilities for student and faculty exchanges in the teaching and research activities of iASK, the University of Pannonia, Kőszeg campus and Zheijang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages.