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Expanding Horizons – „Best of Blue Sky”


Expanding Horizons – „Best of Blue Sky”
– outstanding lectures of a special conference series

Programme series of iASK’s online scientific channel in November


The European Blue Sky Conference, initiated by Elemér Hankiss in 2013, provides a platform every two years for outstanding domestic and international scholars and experts to discuss global, regional and local transformation processes along given themes. Major topics include the social effects of climate change, new wars and security policy in the age of digitalization, possibilities for new type of governance, sustainable societies, rejuvenation of democracy as well as the transformation of the state as a result of globalization. With the motto of this year’s Festival of the Hungarian Science „Science Shaping the Future” we selected lectures  held by  well-known scholars, experts, diplomats and researchers that deserve attention and rediscovery. They represent high-level contributions to current challenges, just as they did at the time of their original presentation.


All the lectures will have Hungarian subtitles and will be available on the Institutes’s website and on Facebook and Instagram at the indicated dates.


Programme of the scientific channel

4. November, Wednesday 3 p.m.   Sustainable and Resilient Societies

Ilan Chabay – Narratives, Networks and Knowledge: Finding Pathways to Sustainable Futures

Dan Brooks – Room to move: Climate and Migration in Human History

Edward Kirumira – Unequal Siamese Twins



10. November, Tuesday 3 p.m.    Thinking About the Role of Science

Norbert Kroó – Science and Technologies (Rewards and Risks)

Thomas Filk – The (Mis)use of Scientific Knowledge

17. November, Tuesday 3 p.m.   The Future of Europe in Global Context

Sean Cleary – Confronting the Challenges of Global Complexity

Jody Jensen – Angels and Demons: The Fight for the Soul of Europe

Andrej Kortunov – Will Russia return to Europe?


24. November, Tuesday 3 p.m.   Security in the Age of Conflicts

James Skelly – Cyberwar and the Future of Warfare

Mária Herczog – Children in situations of migration


Videa Negrea – Increasing Social Trust through Restorative Practices


30. November, Monday 3 p.m.   European Blue Sky?

Emil Brix – What lies  Beyond the Crisis? Europe’s Chances in an Age of Geopolitics


Ferenc Miszlivetz – Thirty years after:  Re-Enchanting Europe?

Albrecht von Müller – Rejuvenating Europe and its democracy

Representing the Lecturers:

Ilan Chabay – Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam
Dan Brooks – iASK, senior researcher, professor emeritus, University of Toronto
Edward Kirumira – director, Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies
Norbert Kroó – Member of HAS, member of National Advisory Board of iASK
Thomas Filk – assistant professor, Institute of Physics, University of Freiburg
Guido Caniglia – scientific director, Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research, Klosterneuburg
Sean Cleary – chairman, Strategic Concepts (Pty) Ltd., managing director, Fejlett Centre for Advanced Governance, founder and executive vice-chair, Future World Foundation, chairman, Atlantic Holdings (Pty) Ltd., member of National Advisory Board of iASK
Jody Jensen – director of the Polányi Centre at iASK, Jean Monnet professor, assistant professor and director of the International Studies MA Program at the University of Pannonia Kőszeg Campus
Andrej Kortunov – director, Russian International Affairs Council
James Skelly – iASK, senior researcher, former director of Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies
Mária Herczog – sociologist, Family, Child, Youth Association, Budapest
Videa Negrea – International Institute for Restorative Practices
Emil Brix – director, Diplomatische Akademie, Vienna
Albrecht von Müller – director, Parmenides Centre for Thinking and LMU, Münich
Ferenc Miszlivetz – director, iASK, assistant professor, University of Pannonia