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Week of Synagogues in Kőszeg


The Synagogue – Space for Music & Culture in Kőszeg is also participating in the Synagogue Week. You can find the detailed program of the event here:


Week of Synagogues

29-30-31 August 2023

Venues: Synagogues – Space for Music & Culture,

Zwinger Old Tower


Tuesday 29 August


17:00 Guided walk in the Synagogue

Participation fee: 1500 Ft

Reduced ticket price for students, pensioners, residents of Kőszeg and teachers: 750 HUF


19:00 Klezmer Concert

Venue: Synagogue

Ticket: 2500 Ft

Tickets on sale at the venue. Reservations at [email protected] until Monday 28 August 2023 at 15:00.

Judit Klein, the singer known as the queen of Jewish songs, together with the HAVERIM orchestra, will present a special musical feast of the most beautiful Jewish melodies. The orchestra was founded by pianist Zoltán Neumark, and in this formation they are frequently invited guests at the most prestigious festivals and events throughout hungary and Europe.

The concert will feature popular Yiddish songs, evoking the atmosphere of the communities of Central and Eastern Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, as well as festive tunes, well-known musicals and Israeli melodies.


18:30 – 22:00 Light painting on the facade of the Synagogue



Wednesday 30 August


09:00 – 11:00 Jewish tales for children and adults with craft activities

Venue: Zwinger Old Tower

The telling of stories and fairy tales is as old as the birth of mankind. It is an excellent tool for teaching, for understanding and processing life events, for passing on customs and traditions, and for connecting in communities. As part of the Week of Synagogues, families are invited to listen to stories, play games, make crafts and engage in discussions. The recommended age for children participating in the program is 5-12 years old. In parallel with the craft activities, parents and teachers will have the opportunity to discuss the importance of storytelling and listening to stories.

Please bring a cushion to sit on and listen to the story comfortably.

14:00 – 20:00 Israel 75 – Israel Cultural Institute programs

14:00 – 17:30 – Synagogue

  • Henna painting
  • Memory card game: Learn the most important Hebrew expressions!
  • Fold apples with us for the new year!
  • Write your name in Hebrew!
  • Hummus tasting and flavoring, learn about the spices of Israel!
  • Canvas bag making workshop.
  • Short film and report from the joint Tom Lantos Institute and Merkaz Transdanubian Jewry Research Program, and the first film about the Sopron synagogue produced as part of the program.


18:00: Film screening of Golda (Documentary, 2019)

Venue: Zwinger Old Tower

Golda Meir was Israel’s first and so far only female prime minister, whose family fled to the New World to escape the pogroms, who became a socialist Zionist in Wisconsin, who defended and built Israel for decades. She was an iron lady, a grandmother and a state founder. This documentary offers a fascinating insight into the life of the “Queen of the Jews”.



Thursday 31 August


16:00 – 17:30 Hora Dance

Venue: Synagogue

Judit Siklósi and her students from Zalaegerszeg

The Israeli folk dance is a special form of contemporary folklore, whose survival is ensured by its ability to combine the old with the new, to preserve the original elements and at the same time to evolve according to the expectations of the times.


18:00 – The cycle of everyday life, lecture by Imréné Szántó, Dr. Edit Balázs

Venue: Synagogue


19:00 – “The Fifth Day” guided audio walk by Zoltán Mizsei in the Synagogue

Participation fee: 1000 Ft

The title refers to the day of the event, i.e. the fifth day of the week and the Creation. This extraordinary guided tour will bring to life the synagogue’s rooms, the biblical frescoes and the thoughts of the former citizens of Kőszeg, who were connected to the Synagogue.



There are many ways of approaching the understanding of a culture. This lecture presents the daily life and customs of traditional Jews, from birth to marriage and mourning.