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The Institute of Advanced Studies organizes the 8th International Kraft – Creative City, Sustainable Region Conference in Kőszeg on Sunday, 18th and Monday, 19th September, with the title (Re)Connections.


On the first day of the conference, we would like to provide an overview of our narrower and wider environment and opportunities, while on the second day, we will present the research results and good practices of the Kraft program in more detail.

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Sunday 18 September 2022

15:30 Registration

16:00 Opening Remarks by Béla Básthy


Pannonkraft – 21st century

16:15 Kraft Knowledge Network (Pannon Kraft, International Synergy Campus) – Ferenc Miszlivetz

16:35 Time to panic – the limits of sustainability – András Gelencsér

16:55 Keynote speech – László Palkovics(tbc.)

17:15 Round table discussion with Ferenc Miszlivetz, László Palkovics (tbc.), András Gelencsér, András Szöllősi-Nagy, János Abonyi, János Rechnitzer, Anikó Magasházi, Mariann Szabó

Moderated by János Bogárdi


Monday, 19 September 2022

9:00 Registration


Pannonkraft – Insula Magna

9:30 Insula Magna medium-term strategy – Ákos Jakobi

9:50 The key role of built heritage in contemporary social and cultural survival – Tamás Fejérdy

10:10 Regional Ecological and Development Knowledge Centre – János Bogárdi and János Rechnitzer

10:30 Towards new balances in agricultural land use – Gergely Tóth

10:50 Round table discussion with Gábor Mayer, Tamás Rentz, Katalin Mezei

Moderated by Mariann Szabó


12:00 Lunch break


Pannonkraft – Networks

13:00 EKF 2023 on the threshold – Gyula Porga and Alíz Markovits

13:40 Association of Pannonian Cities – Jenő Manninger

13:50 „Nothing special? Gems of Bakony!” Bakony Social Innovation Project – Mariann Szabó

14:10 Roundtable discussion: the „Nothing special? Gems of Bakony!” with Izabella Agárdi, Katalin Lőrincz, Mariann Szabó, László Z. Karvalics

Moderated by Hajnalka Márkus Vörös


15:10-15:30 Coffee break


Pannonkraft – Good practices

15:30 Local Flavours action plan: Chernel walk – Hajnalka Rezner

15:40 Local Flavours action plan: Town of Schools – Mária Petkovits

15:50 KőszegTour application – Virág Szuák , Attila Joós

16:00 Socio-kraft – Katalin Galambos

16:10 Exploring community values – Márta Mihalcsik

16:30 Gaál Zoltán memorial lecture – Sándor Kerekes

17:00 Closing remarks, announcement of the Zoltán Gaál Fellowship – Ferenc Miszlivetz

17:15 Cultural program – a taste of Sándor Kárpáti‘s chamber works for string orchestra