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Péter Ákos Bod: Reframing Europe’s Future (Economic Review, 2015.)

“The global financial crisis which erupted in 2008 had an astounding yet varied impact on the European Union (EU), with some countries benefiting from the crisis while others suffered. Today many more and varied voices articulate increasing frustration, dissatisfaction, distrust and cynicism with the current state of affairs in Europe.”

This book addresses the challenges and failures of the European construction today from an interdisciplinary perspective. It seeks to identify the deeper, structural causes of the failure of the European project by investigating a variety of aspects, placing Europe in a historical perspective and interpreting its trajectory in a global context. In doing so it argues that the EU, the unfinished European polity, the single European market, and the set of supranational institutions, are not sustainable in their present forms.

This text will be of key interest to students and practitioners of international relations, economics, European studies, democracy and contemporary European and global challenges.”

The Hungarian language book review is available here.


Reframing Europe’s Future: Challenges and Failures of the European Construction, edited by Jody Jensen and Ferenc Miszlivetz

Routledge, New York-London


267 p.


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