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Eduroam Service

What is EDUROAM?

A service of the international association of Eduroam educational and research institutions that allows users of the association members to use the same Wifi username and password when visiting their institution in another Eduroam association as they would use in their own institution. Thus, users of Eduroam federation members only need to set up Wifi access once and then their Wifi access works in all Eduroam institutions without any settings and configurations.

Eduroam institutions also operate in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. More information here!

EDUROAM access points in Hungary

How to use EDUROAM at iASK?

Coverage of the EDUROAM service at iASK:

The service is available in the FTI-IASK buildings in the following areas:

  • Festetics Palace – Chernel st. 10. Kőszeg H-9730
  • Europe House – Chernel st. 14. Kőszeg H-9730
  • Zwinger Oldtower – Chernel st. 16. Kőszeg H-9730
  • Szemző House – Chernel st. 18 Kőszeg H-9730
  • Sgraffito-House – Jurisich sq. 7. Kőszeg H-9730


EDUROAM regulation

EDUROAM description