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Education in the Age of AI

Education in the age of AI
Illustration by Irena Stepanovic

Towards a human‑centered education in the age of algorithmic governance

iASK Research Fellow Ivana Stepanovic has published a paper “Towards a Human-Centered Education in the Age of Algorithmic Governance” in the Prospects Journal published by Springer (read here). The paper addresses the challenges and implications of integrating AI into education and broader societal transformations associated with algorithmic governance. It emphasizes the risk of AI overshadowing human roles, particularly in professions requiring ethical judgment. The paper argues for a balanced approach to using AI, advocating for human-centered education to ensure ethical coexistence with technology. It proposes redefining the labor division between humans and machines and developing new, human-specific professions across various economic sectors.

The first part of the article highlights the potential risks of over-relying on AI, including the reduction of human agency, the rise of unskilled digital labor, and the possible obsolescence of traditional education systems. Stepanović emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to AI integration and education system that will ensure ethical and sustainable coexistence of humans and technology.

In the latter part, the paper proposes a redefinition of the labor division between humans and machines. It suggests creating new professions that are exclusively human-focused, spanning various economic sectors. This approach aims to balance the benefits of AI with the preservation and enhancement of human skills and capabilities, ensuring that education remains relevant and adaptable in an increasingly automated world. Stepanović’s paper calls for a critical examination of our current educational paradigms and the development of strategies to effectively integrate AI while prioritizing human values and ethical considerations.

Read the full paper here: Towards a human-centered education in the age of algorithmic governance (