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Divide We Fall – Interview with Jody Jensen

This interview with Jody Jensen was released in World Politics and Economics in 2023.


“World Politics and Economics” asked Jody Jensen for an interview about the American political situation and what to expect in 2023. Jody Jensen is the director of the Polányi Center at the Institute of Higher Studies in Kőszeg, senior researcher at the Institute of Political Science of the Center for Social Sciences, and research director of the ISES Foundation, which operates as the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence. Head of the International Studies Master’s program at Pannon University’s Kőszeg Campus. He was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair for European Solidarity and Social Cohesion (ESSCO) for three years starting in the fall of 2016. She was the national and regional director of the Ashoka Foundation (a supporter of entrepreneurs in the service of social innovation). She regularly teaches abroad, and also takes part in the European Commission’s research application evaluation work.

The article is available HERE, with full text.