Research & Studies

Danube Transnational Programme – Seed Money Facility – BorderPass


BorderPass addresses Priority 3 of the EUSDR, Culture & tourism. From the focus areas pre-defined by the Danube Seed Money

Facility, the project addresses Nr.2, i.e. to “Develop applications and other innovative tools for tourists that use information and

communication technologies (ICT) promoting and clearly illustrating the natural and cultural heritage of the Danube region”.

The project addresses border regions across the Danube macro-region and aims to promote cross-border tourism by

tailor-made ICT solutions. We aim to develop a platform, which provides the users with information on both sides of a border

region, thus presenting an integrated touristic offer and a more diverse destination for visitors. The BorderPass platform will

contain the following features:

– single point of access to up-to-date information on cultural and natural heritage sights, accommodations, services, events in

the border region,

– information segmented and structured along different “user profiles” (e.g. visitors with a family, cultural tourists, eco-tourists,


– a “chatbot”, providing instant feedback to the visitors in various languages,

– a community platform for information exchange among users.

The BorderPass platform shall facilitate an effective information flow and help overcome barriers to low accessibility, deficient

advertising, and language differences. It will give the necessary incentives to the visitors to pass the border and explore more of

the cultural and natural heritage of the Danube macroregion. The project will also fully take into consideration environmental

aspects, thus partly contributing to P6 (Biodiversity, landscapes, quality of air and soils) of the EUSDR as well.