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Dániel Váczi (iASK) won the Guthman Instrument Competition


Dániel Váczi, composer, saxophonist, instrument and music machine designer, current researcher of iASK together with his colleague Tóbiás Terebessy, won the final of the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition and also the Audience Award.

The winning instrument is the Glissonic

The musician, originally trained as a biologist, designs and develops sound visualization and image sonification (sound drawing) tools, wind (Glissonic) and keyboard (DiHexaTone) instruments, various computer-controlled interactive music automata and a music-based logic game (Urobo). In Kőszeg, he designed and built the musical instruments for the downtown Sounding City Well, which was renovated under the KRAFT program.
He has developed a new musical system (Reticular Music) that can be used in both compositional and improvisational techniques.

His orchestras are

  • Váczi Dániel Multet,
  • Trio Squelini,
  • Ektár,
  • Kada ad Libitum,
  • BIO,
  • Glissonic Trio.

With the Glissonic Trio, he also gave a concert at the Kőszeg Sounding City Festival. There he presented one of the predecessors of his now finalist instrument, the glissotar.
He has performed and/or composed on more than 28 records.