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Izabella Agárdi: Crisis Governance – Reflections on Navigating Troubled Waters (Hungarian Science 2021/9)

The volume celebrating György Schöpflin’s 80th birthday is very different from the traditional dedicated volumes because, despite its richness of subject matter, it creates a surprising cohesion between the essay-like short writings. The main thematic thread that loosely weaves together the writings, which approach the subject from different disciplines, is the analysis of the context of global crises. While most of the authors do not go beyond diagnosis to propose concrete solutions, it is certainly commendable that they have not succumbed to the constraints of a highly polarised discourse: they go beyond it to write about the bankruptcies of democracy and governance, their dead ends and the ideas that should underpin the effective functioning of governments.

Read the full review written by Izabella Agárdi in the journal Magyar Tudomány HERE in Hungarian!