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Bilingualism and the aspects of being bilingual

Science in the Pub Series:

In most European countries the concept of “one language –one nation” is prevalent although national minorities are also living there. Due to international migration, however, the identity of European nation states has changed lately. The ethnic composition of countries and large cities has changed tremendously, and more and more mixed language areas are formed where people become bilingual. The use of two or more languages entails integration of two or more cultures and changes the original nation state identity.

Lecturer: Judit Navracsics (linguist, University of Pannonia)

Date: on 28th of May at 6.00 p.m.

Venue: Zwinger Oldtower Chernel st. 16. H-9730 Kőszeg 

Live streaming of the lecture is accessible at and

Lecture will be held in Hungarian