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Anikó Magasházi: Singapore and Southeast Asia – Official Book Launch by iASK in Budapest Corvinus Faculty Club

Author: Anikó Magasházi (economist, iASK researcher) 

The new book launch will be followed by a Roundtable Discussion

Topics: Innovation, Education, Values,


  • Jody Jensen (University of Pannonia, iASK)
  • Tibor Palánkai (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Iván Bába (National University of Public Service, iASK)
  • Szalavetz Andrea (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Pomázi Gyula – (HTMPO)


Date: 16th of October 2019. at 5.00 p.m. 

Venue: Budapesti Corvinus University Faculty Club, Main Building – Budapest Fővám tér 8

The event will be held in Hungarian!