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Academic book launch by iASK at the Library of HAS

The Institute of Advanced Studies is cordially inviting you to a book launch of András Nagy’s book, titled Fatal Compassion: “the Hungarian Question” and the UN 1956-1963.



Ferenc Miszlivetz, director, iASK (online)



László Z. Karvalics, historian


Participants of the round table discussion:

Per Bang-Jensen, son of Povl Bang-Jensen (online)

Katalin Bogyay, Hungary’s Ambassador to UN (online)

László Borhi, professor, Indiana University (online)

Imre Mécs

András Nagy, author of the presented book

Zsolt Németh, chair of the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs

George Schöpflin, ambassador, former member of the European Parliament (online)



Venue: Library and Information Centre of HAS H-1051 Budapest, Arany János str. 1.

Date: 2020. október 22. 16 óra


The event will be broadcasted on iASK’s Facebook page and it will be recorded and used on social media.

The book launch will be held in Hungarian and partially English.

The book will be purchasable at the venue.

Wearing face masks and using hand sanitizer is obligatory!

Owing to the room’s limited capacity, please indicate your participation via e-mail to [email protected].