Research & Studies

5th Day – How to be a Citizen? – UNESCO MOST Winter School by iASK

Friday 26th February

Moderator of the day: Katalin Bognárné Lovász

9:30-10:00 Online registration

10:00-11:00 Morning Session: Future of Education and Politics of Democracy – Facebook and Zoom

The panel posits the educational problématique within the wider topic of global political turmoil and democratic change. In this sense, the panel addresses the question of the relationship between educational policy and the politics of democracy in the contemporary world. Thus, we interrogate not only the position that educational institutions have predominantly occupied within the dominant structure of the world order, but also investigate what is the role that these knowledge-producing institutions should be expected to take in the future if more just and resilient societies are to be created.

            Moderator: James M. Skelly

John Crowley, Norbert Kroó, Amirul Mukminin, Ljubov Shishelina

11:00-12:00 Discussion – Zoom

12:00-12:15 Short Break

12:15-12:30 Closing remarks – Facebook and Zoom