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4th Day – How to be a Citizen? – UNESCO MOST Winter School by iASK

All events of the UNESCO IWS 2021 will be held in Central  European Time (CET) 

Thursday 25th February

Moderator of the day: Izabella Agárdi

9:30-10:00 Online registration

10:00-11:00 Citizen Engagement in the Era of Fake News, with Particular Attention Paid to the US Elections – Facebook and Zoom

Political parties and politicians have shown they can influence, impact and win elections through the strategic use of social media – this includes the spread of fake news or “alternative facts”. Social media could be employed as a democratizing force, but corporate, neoliberal and extremist forces have utilized it to control false narratives and misinform the public. What can we do to counterpose fake news? How can we increase effective civic engagement in the era of fake news and social media?

Moderator: Ferenc Miszlivetz

Todd Pittinsky (Stony Brook University): False Narratives on the Social Media Challenges & Possibilities 

Panelists: Ilan Chabay, György Csepeli, Ahmet Evin, James M. Skelly

11:00-12:00 Discussion – Zoom

12:00-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-15:00 Climate Change and Citizenship in the times of Global Pandemic – Facebook and Zoom

Taking the contemporary Covid-19 pandemic as only one example of larger problems human society will face as a result of the ongoing processes of climate change, the panel asks how these developments may affect the notion of democracy and citizenship in the future. Using the Covid-19 as a case in point, which has only accentuated prevailing tendencies of our times, the panel questions the impact that climate change may have on the emerging political sphere and modes of citizenship. Likewise, the panel addresses distinct ways in which the pandemic was tackled on local, regional, and global levels of governance, in order to draw lessons that can further the creation of more resilient societies today and in the future.

            Moderator: Sándor Kerekes

János Bogárdi, Daniel Brooks, Orsolya Bajer-Molnár, Ortwin Renn

15:00-16:00 Discussion – Zoom

Cultural broadcast: Binder Trio: Bartók for Children II. (part 2) –  Facebook