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1989 -2019: Thirty Years After: Re-Enchanting Europe?

A brand new article was released in Journal of Global Policies and Governance written by the iASK director, prof. Ferenc Miszlivetz.

Here you can find the full article.


This paper focuses on the complexities created by the interlinked and complex processes of Central-European transitions that arose as the result of integration into the EU and the undermining influence of turbo-capitalism. During the decades before and after the Annus Mirabilis, ’Europe’ and European integration were the models for peaceful regional integration worldwide. Due to the lack of a common vision for the future in “old” and “new” Europe, and due to unexpected internal and external challenges, and increased global uncertainties, the European dream gave way to a common European frustration. Evaluating the transformations of the past three decades, the question remains whether Europe can avoid further disintegration and gain back its role as a model for regional cooperation. Could this provide a window of opportunity for a more important role for Central Europe?



solidarity; Central European co-operation; integration; common European home; nation-state paradigm; European civil society; uncertainty; transformation