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1968 – A Protest Wave Initiating New Trends in Global Politics, Values, Culture

A Protest Wave Initiating New Trends in Global Politics, Values, Culture

October 8 – October 12, 2018

Kőszeg, Chernel street 14. Europe house, Bibo room

Day One, 8 October

10.00-12.00 The Place of 1968 in the History of the Cold War. Presentation by Gusztáv Kecskés (HAS) followed by a discussion

13.00-15.00 Hungary in 1968 and After…Presentation by Iván Bába (iASK) followed by a discussion

15.00-17.00 Ideologies, Tendencies of Political Thought in 1968. Presentation by George Schöpflin (EU) followed by a discussion

Day Two, 9 October

10.00-12.00 The Diffusion of a Protest Wave Social and Regional Structures and Processes. Presentation by Máté Szabó (ELTE) followed by a discussion

13.30-15.30: The Transformation of Mentalities. Authority and Identities: Consumption, Education, Family, Sex. Presentation by György Csepeli (ELTE -iASK) followed by a discussion

16.30-18.00.  A round table conversation with some “Makers” of 1968 moderated by Ferenc Miszlivetz with György Csepeli, Jody Jensen,  András Nagy, Máté Szabó

19.30: Zabriskie Point.  Film show followed by a discussion

Day Three, 10 October

10.00 -12.00 Economic and Social Transformations in the East and in the West: Is 1968 a Turning Point? Presentation by Tibor Palánkai (Corvinus University) followed by a discussion

13.30-15.30 Culture and Counter Culture in Europe 1956-1968. Presentation by András Nagy (Pannon U.-IASK) followed by a discussion

19.30 The Strawberry Statement. Film show followed by a discussion

Day Four, 11 October

10.00 – 12.00 The Solidarity Experience. Presentation by Ryszard Praszkier (Polish Academy of Sciences-IASK) followed by a discussion

Day Five, 12 October

10.00 -12.00 Student presentations on what they would suggest to their respective political and cultural elites based on the lessons of the 1968 experience. Moderated by Máté Szabó.