János Pusztay : Linguistic Affinity – Illusions and Science

Research & Studies

Nobody will laugh! – Central European Grotesque in the 20th Century

  Grotesque itself is not an individual style but a kind of worldview (István Örkény 1976) Speaker: Péter Bokányi – literary historian, critic (iASK) Date: Monday, 23 July 2018 6 p.m. Venue: Ibrahim Coffee-house and Restaurant Kőszeg H-9730 Főtér 17. Lecture will be held in Hungarian!

András Gelencsér: A Planet Lost – Science in the Pub

“We are not in a position to identify the long-term consequences of this „experiment” humankind is currently conducting with Earth. Our knowledge is limited as climate is a complex, chaotic system…” (András Gelencsér) Speaker: András Gelencsér (professor, University of Pannonia)  Date: Monday, 18 June 2018 6 p.m.Előadó: Gelencsér András (egyetemi tanár, Pannon Egyetem)  

Bilingualism and the aspects of being bilingual

Science in the Pub Series: In most European countries the concept of “one language –one nation” is prevalent although national minorities are also living there. Due to international migration, however, the identity of European nation states has changed lately. The ethnic composition of countries and large cities has changed tremendously, and more and more mixed […]

Secrets Behind the Walls – Eleven Mysteries of Kőszeg

“The built, silent witnesses, the buildings of Kőszeg will be animated thus revealing destinies and stories hidden by them. Besides the macroscopic approach, it is worth considering our common past and experiences from a micro perspective allowing us to develop a better understanding of the past.” Science in the Pub Series Lecturer: Mónika Mátay (historian ELTE, […]

Vilmos Csányi: Elementary Units of Human Knowledge – An Evolutionary Analysis

“Both humans and animals can think. The essential difference is that humans are capable of exchanging thoughts with their fellows. Within the framework of social communication thoughts form agreed common beliefs. This is the mechanism that all cultural aspects of the archaic and the modern world have been built upon.” Science in the Pub series: Elementary […]