At the Intersection of Migration and Populist Politics

Research & Studies

At the Intersection of Migration and Populist Politics

Participants: JODY JENSEN (iASK, Jean Monnet Professor) TARA HOPKINS (Small Projects Istambul – for Syria) GORAN GUMZE (Alma Mater Europea, European Center, Maribor) ELENA ALEKSEENKOVA (Russian International Affairs Council, Moscow, MGIMO-University (besides RIAC)) MARCO ZOPPI (Research Assistant, University of Bologna) GABRIELE MATZNER (Former Ambassador of Austria) MILOSLAV BAHNA (Chairman of the Slovak Committee for the […]

Engaging Citizens

RYSZARD PRASZKIER (University of Warsaw): Empowering Leadership of Tomorrow

Inter-Religious Dialogue – ISU 2018

Participants: GYÖRGY CSEPELI (iASK, Emeritus Professor, Eötvös Loránd University) ANDREJ CILERDZIC (Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Austria and Switzerland) VIKTÓRIA HEDVIG DEÁK (Prioress General, Dominican Sisters of the Congregation of St. Margaret of Hungary) MUAMER BECIROVIC (Student and regional president of Young ÖVP Vienna) LENART SKOF (Alma Mater Europaea, European Center, Maribor) RICHARD […]

Memory and Populist Politics in the Balkan

Participants of the Panel: RUBIN ZEMON (Special Adviser to the Macedonian Prime Minister on Multiculturalism) DIMITAR NIKOLOVSKI (iASK Researcher) IGOR STIPIC (iASK Researcher) ASTREA PEJOVIC (Central European University)

Tales from Central Europe: Remembering and Forgetting Communism

Participation with ATTILA PÓK (iASK, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) ANDRÁS NAGY (Associate Professor at the University of Pannonia, Department of Theater Studies) ADAM HUDEK (Senior Researcher, Institute of History, Slovak Academy of Sciences) MATEUSZ MAZZINI (Graduate Student, Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology) GERGELY ROMSICS (Senior Researcher, […]